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Automotive Locksmith Services in Mount Prospect, Glenview and Palatine Area

Lost Car Keys:

We are available 24/7 for replacing your car key. Prices vary depending on make, model, and key type. Call us and we will have a technician out promptly to originate a key for your vehicle. Have a broken key? We can repair, rebuild, or simply replace it on site. We have top notch tools and over 80 years combined experience in the automotive field. We can make keys for 95% of the cars on the road today. Many newer vehicles are equipped with transponders. In order to make or copy a key, we must program the transponder chip (which is located in the head of the key) to your vehicle. This is an effective anti-theft measure. Our tools are on par with dealership tools. This means that we can reliably program your key into your vehicle for less and in many cases a fraction of the cost the dealership would charge you. We guarantee that our keys will work.  We come to you, so you don’t have to worry about towing your car anywhere.  Our goal is to provide cost-effective emergency service. We have several technicians available at a moments notice based in the northwest suburbs, Chicago, and west suburbs. No matter where you are in Chicagoland, we can get to you in a timely fashion.

-Smart Keys


-Remote Head Keys

-VATS keys


-High Security “Laser Cut” Keys

-Tibbe Keys


Our technicians can provide key duplication services at an affordable cost. We are able to copy almost any key and program to your vehicle if necessary.  Customers may be surprised how expensive this can be at a dealership.  We use quality parts and high-tech programming equipment. You can rest assured that we will provide same quality as the dealership at a lower cost. It is always essential to keep a backup key somewhere safe in case of an emergency. Key wear can cause the key not to work properly. We can cut you a brand-new key from code. This is like having a brand-new factory key!


Ignition Repair:

There are many situations that may require us to take out the ignition cylinder and replace the tumblers. Over time, when a key is used over and over, it causes wear on the cylinder and key. Sometimes, when there is damage to the tumblers in the lock, it will be required to completely remove the lock and re populate it with OEM wafers. This process can be done on site in a timely fashion.  Let us repair your ignition, saving a costly trip to the mechanic. Commonly, what will happen is the key will.  stop turning in the ignition.  There are a few things you can try. 1. Make sure the steering wheel is not locked. 2. Use a small amount of lubricant such as WD-40 to try and loosen up things.  Sometimes debris gets in the lock causing it to freeze up. Do not try to force anything.  If something gets stuck in the ignition, door, or trunk cylinder, we can address it.

Emergency Lock-Out Services

We have the proper tools to perform damage-free entry into your car. We open all vehicles including semi-trucks.  We understand emergency service and have technicians on call ready to go at a moment’s notice. Locked keys in trunk and have no way to reach them? In some situations, you may find no way to get into your locked trunk, even with access to the interior. We can make a key for you.


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