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Commercial Locksmith Services

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Commercial Locksmith Services

High Security Locks

If you need a high security system in place or want to integrate one in your current system, we can design and implement one. We work with Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, and Schlage Primus. High Security Cylinders offer 3 major benefits in comparison with conventional cylinders. Firstly, with high security cylinders, the lock is virtually impossible to bypass in the field. These cylinders withstand common picking attacks and other attacks and are UL437 rated. These locks also hold up extremely well to destructive techniques. The next biggest advantage is key security. These keys are restricted and at the very least, must require a card to be presented at a local dealer.

Key Control

When it is required that keys need to be merely under some sort of preventative duplication measure. We offer Medeco x4. These locks offer key control without the higher cost of UL437 rated locks. Although not UL437 rated, they do offer much better protection from impressioning and pick attacks then commonly found keyways. Cost is lower compared to high security cylinders/locks

Access Control

Hartman’s offers solutions to your access control needs. We trust high quality brand names such as HID, RCI, Kantech, Schlage, and Alarm Lock. Card access, Fobs, Keypads, and biometrics; we do it all. We offer wired and wireless access control system installations. We can scope out your project and install the entire system.  Software is easy to understand and manage for the end-user and can be controlled via internet in select systems.  Changes are made effortlessly. Stand-alone units are also available. (No wiring required) We trust certain brands such as Schlgae, Kaba, and Alarm Lock, which have proved their reliability and ease-of-use.

Masterkey Systems:

We can create unique master key systems to meet your facility’s needs. We work with all the major keyways and can supply cylinders, as well as masterkey existing ones. Whether you would like to implement an entirely new keying system or add/ remove to an existing system, we can help. Our masterkey charge is $35 for standard cylinders.

Door Hardware:

Commercial door hardware can see a lot of use in heavy traffic areas. We can provide Grade 1 and Grade 2 products to effectively meet those more rigorous environments.  These products are tested for hundreds of thousands of cycles and will hold up to weather exposure as well. It is most important that these locks are installed correctly to maximize their use. We install and service the following:

                -Panic Bars

                -Door Closers

                -Electric Strikes


                -Much more

Continuous Hinges:

A continuous hinge also known as a piano hinge is a hinge that runs the entire length of a doors. It is commonly used to replace pivot hinges on an aluminum storefront door. This type of hinge is a permanent solution to door sagging issues.

Security Hardware Except Locks

In many situations, we must be able to secure a door more than just a lock. In order to prevent physical attacks on a door, ask us about the various plates and protectors that can be used to help secure your facility. Latch protectors can be very effective when a door opens outward. There are various types of latch protectors that consist of strong metal, which covers the area in front of a latch and/or deadbolt to prevent prying and cutting. We install also install full-length door protectors to give you maximum security.

Fire-Exit Hardware

Need to pass an inspection? We understand the codes and can get your facility in order. We install various ADA compliant hardware such as push bars and paddles. Need help with a door with existing non-compliant hardware? We’ll be able to address the issues and install properly locking mechanisms that have the same of better level of security.

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