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Residential Locksmith Service

Hartman’s locksmith is a local company that is ready to help you any time of the day with lock and key issues!.

Service where you need it.

Hartman’s locksmith provides high quality locksmith services in NW Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Hartman’s locksmith consistently provides home security professional locksmithing at affordable prices. At second to none home locksmith services in the Mount Prospect, North West Suburbs area you can rest assured we will be the best at making sure you, your family, and your personal belongings are safe when you use our services.

With never-ending burglaries and attempting break-ins. Hartman’s locksmith company has professional advice to help keep your home secure from home break-ins.

 Lock Re-keying

If you own a home in North West Suburbs of Chicago land area and you feel like maybe you need to change your locks to your entry doors then maybe you should think about a home rekey.

Rekeying your existing locks provides a cost-effective way of increasing security while decreasing the expense of replacing all of your existing door hardware. We are able to rekey the existing locks while retaining your current hardware. Our home rekeying services provide peace of mind because you know you are the only one with the new key to your home.

Our home rekeying services include, complete disassembling of your locks and providing a new tumbler system so that your old keys will not work. Our keys made with our home rekey service will work in your locks perfectly every time without having to jiggle the key just to get in your home. Our rekey service comes with 2 keys, but additional keys can be cut on site with our mobile locksmith service vehicles.

Also with our home rekey services we will make sure your doors and door latches are working and locking properly to ensure your security. We can also give you extra tips on how to maintain your locks to your home to ensure longevity operation.

Electronic Locks

A growing desire for electronic locks has lead to more affordable quality electronic locksets. We will typically recommend an electronic deadbolt as opposed to electronic knob/lever. This is because we want to see you locking your deadbolt, not the bottom lock. Knob/Lever electronic locks are only useful in commercial environments where fire codes prevent the use of deadbolts. There are many brands, and the market is offering more and more updated locks, providing more features than ever before. We stay up to date with these changes, assuring that you get the best lock to fit your needs. Smart locks can be integrated with security systems and smart homes. Don’t have a smart home? Select brands offer the ability to lock/unlock remotely with merely a wifi connection and special dongle. Ask us about mechanical locks as well. These locks have a keypad, but do not require power, unlike traditional electronic locksets. This provides added reliability, as there are no electronic components that can fail.

  • Mechanical Locks
  • Smart locks
  • Standard Keypads
  • Stand alone card access

Security door installation

Hartman’s home locksmith services provide residential security door installations to ensure your security.
We can help you choose the right security door so that you can feel safe while being in your home or away from your home. Please call (847)409-0750 to schedule an LOCKSSSSSappointment and a locksmith technician will arrive at your home promptly to help you with your home security needs.


Lock Hardware Changes

Tired of your existing door lock hardware and don’t know what to look for? At Hartman’s locksmith, we can help you decide what you are looking for in your residential door lock replacements. Whether it is a new deadbolt installation, Pre-drilling door lock holes for your new door lock hardware or just a lock question we can help you make the right decision. Please call Hartman’s Locksmith at (847)409-0750 and a locksmith technician will be glad to help you with your security needs.

Home Locksmith Services include

  • Home rekeying
  • Lock installations
  • Lock repairs/replacement
  • Fresh deadbolt install
  • Door adjustments
  • Key copying
  • High Security Locks
  • Electronic Locks

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